OpiFlex is invited by the European Commission as one of eight European companies to view success stories from the past 3 years workshop cycle Business Innovation Observatory (BIO), see more http://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/innovation/business-innovation-observe the …

OpiFlex won the European Commission’s “Business Innovation Observatory Award” big Innovation Award as the “Most Disruptive Innovation” in april 2015.

The Juncker Commission an ambitious agenda to give a new boost to jobs, growth and investment in Europe. Innovation is a key underlying driver of this project and an important factor for the further development of a strong European industry, to create more jobs and better wealth in the EU in the future.

In order to increase its leadership in business innovation, EU needs to better understand the changing techniques and models used by innovative companies.
This two-day interactive conference will be the last of a three-year workshop cycle Innovation Observatory Business (BIO). More than 150 participants, including role model contractors, serial investor, renowned experts from industry and high-level policy makers will gather at the conference. The event will serve as a forum to engage these important actors in discussions of business innovations and network with innovative companies from all over Europe.

The first day of the Conference will be devoted to the latest trends from the successful European innovative companies that have showcased in case studies of Innovation Observatory Business on trends such as internet, clean-tech, smart factories, cooperation economy and customer experience. The other day, because the industrial landscape constantly transformed, we look forward to inspire and disruptive innovations for the future and celebrate the new generation of European innovators.