Industrial robot of the third robot revolution

Flexible mobile robot solutions

The next step after traditional and collaborative robot solutions

Flexible Mobile Robot – Fast and Easy Robot Programming – Fenceless Safety

OpiFlex’s market-leading flexible and mobile robot solutions solve the challenge of automating the new mega-trend high mix and low volume with an industrial robot, in all industries. Demanded by both small-medium-sized companies and large global groups who see the greatly increased need for flexibility and to create flexible and future-proof solutions.

OpiFlex praised solutions lead the third robot revolution “Flexible mobile robots”. We make ABB robots flexible and are a certified global partner with ABB.

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Flexible & Cost Effective

Brand new automation options. Move the industrial robot to share with another machine. Either to increase productivity or for manual access. An industrial robot with a normal ROI of less than a year.


Faster Integration

Than a traditional industrial robot. Thanks to our standardized robot solutions with easy programming, fenceless safety and our docking platform. Everything standardized and ready to use.


Faster Programming

Now, anyone creates a product in 10 minutes instead of 4-5 hours by a specialist. Simple, no previous experience is required. The patented method autogenerates program, so you only need to complete some simple inputs.

Fenceless Safety

Use industrial robots safely without fences at high speeds and high loads. The system monitors the surrounding and slows down when people are too closse. OpiFlex patented safety solution without fence complies with EN ISO 10218-2. 


Flexible Mobile Robot Solutions – For Your Current and Future Needs

Small series – high mix and low volume

Simple and 20x faster robot programming, easily done without previous experience. Full manual access. Flexible grippers and peripherals. All to meet the need for rapid conversion for new products. 

High volume and high availability at 24/7

Standardized hardware for future-proof use and easy maintenance. Quickly replace industrial robots for maintenance or repair. Meet high demands on availability at 24/7. Quick and easy layout change. 

Low and uneven machine use

Share robot cell with multiple machines, increase utilization and improve pay-off. Take advantage of the increased productivity obtained by a flexible industrial robot, something that is difficult with a fixed robot.

Flexible configuration of lines and peripherals

Create very flexible ropes with different robot configurations based on your needs at the moment. Gradually scale up or down production and mix products as you like.


For all different industries


Small-Medium Enterprises

Subcontractors & Tier 1

Global Enterprises & OEM

Sheet metal • Processing • Wood & Furniture • Plastic • Automotive • Food • Other

Machine operation • Material handling • Palletizing • Assembly

Advantages with OpiFlex Flexible Robot Solutions and Industrial Robot

In Addition to a Traditional Robot Solutions, You Also Get

Easy Programming

Program in 10 minutes without prior knowledge. Compatible with RAPID-software.

Share robot between machines

Easily move the robot cell and share other machines for increased utilization and flexibility. Docking provides the same performance as a fixed robot

Fenceless Safety

For high load and high speed. Full performance. Always compliant with all EU Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC

Full Manual Access

Easily move the industrial robot when you need to access the machine manually.

Standardized Hardware

Standardized solution provides robustness and easy maintenance. Components from large companies such as ABB and SICK.


Faster Integration

Thanks to flexible industrial robot solutions with easy programming and fenceless safety. Everything standardized and ready to use.


Faster Programming

Now, anyone creates a product in 10 minutes instead of 4-5 hours by a specialist. The patented method autogenerates program, so you only need to complete some simple inputs.


Faster Change Of Workshop Layout

Allows quick change of workshop layout, takes about 3-4 hours to move robot cell with a machine instead of tearing down and building up an entire robot cell in 1-1.5 weeks.


Increased Productivity

With a mobile robot, you can take full advantage of increased productivity. Move faster to the next machine and maximize machine and robot utilization.

Full Support & Services

OpiFlex offers you help both before, during and after installation. Everything from appreciated feasibility studies to support and rental solutions.

With Flexible Mobile Robot Your Contribution Margin Increases With

0,8-1,2 m SEK / shift

Patented & world-unique robot solutions

Flexible mobile robot cells

OpiFlex flexible robot solutions enable you to automate in a cost-effective way, with a large industrial robot. We enable automation of high mix and low volume, as well as high availability. For all company sizes and industries.

Mobile Robot Platform

Move the industrial robot between machines with our patented solutions. Dock with high precision to a docking station in the ground. Robot has full performance and precision. Move manually with pallet truck or AGV pallet truck. Right now we have support for large robots up to 60kg and a range of 2.55m.

Easy Programming

Our patented Simple Robot Programming takes robot programming to a new level. Program new products by answering simple questions and the program is created automatically so you quickly can add a new product to production. This allows for the automation of small series and high mix.

Fenceless Safety

OpiFlex’s patented safety solution without fences complies with EU rules for Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and beyond. The system monitors a story surface around the robot cell and slows down when people are too close. Safe and flexible. Unlike collaborative robots, it is always fence-free.


& Awards

OpiFlex won the EU Commission's major innovation award in 2015. In 2016, it was, as one of three, a finalist of the IERA Award, the most prestigious robot and automation award in the world and selected to the Pioneer 500, the five hundred hottest tech start-ups in the world. In 2018, OpiFlex became the winner and joined the "33 listan", Sweden's most prestigious list for young tech companies. This is distributed by the magazine NyTeknik and the business magazine Affärsvärlden. Earlier on the list, companies such as Spotify, Mojang, Truecaller, Klarna and iZettle have been included. In 2019, OpiFlex received an innovation award at the Puumessut Wood Fair, Finland's largest wood fair, together with the wood machine manufacturer SCM and the distributor Innomac Oy.

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We help you before, during and after installation

We have extensive experience in automation and robotics from hundreds of robot cells. We help and guide  you to create flexible and future proof solutions.



Pre-studies with an appreciated 7-step model to help you see the big picture and create a future-proof solution

Automation Guides

Automation analysis tool – to automatically analyze results with high mix and low volume based on your product mix

Calculate Increased Productivity

We have a productivity and production economy model to estimate productivity and production economy increase.

Installation & integration

Turnkey with our qualified integrators in our broad network. Standardized hardware and flexible software.

Full Support & Service

Service and support agreements with both remote and on-site support. For us, safety and high availability are important. 

Pay Per Use or Leasing

Through our flexible and standardized solution, we can offer leasing or rental solutions. 


Pay-off < 1 year

OpiFlex flexible mobile robot cells and robot solutions are cost-effective, resulting in a normal pay-off of less than a year for an industrial robot from OpiFlex. Even with the first cell, it is the same price level as a traditional fixed robot cell with a fence, but with the next cell, the OpiFlex robot cell is much cheaper because the robot is shared with several robot cells.

With a mobile robot, you create a future-proof robot solution, so you can easily build on your investment directly or further ahead.


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Why OpiFlex?

OpiFlex solves the challenge of automating the mega trend with high mix and low volume with flexible robot cells and drives the third robot revolution towards completely new possibilities.


OpiFlex flexible solution and easy programming can be used for most applications in all industries and provides benefits for both small and medium-sized companies, Tier1 and global groups.


OpiFlex is a very cost-effective solution that is future-proof and can increase the gross margin more than ordinary robot solutions.