Why OpiFlex?


The Challenge

The Mega trend high product mix and low volume drives the need for more flexible robot solutions also for large groups and subcontractors. Traditional fixed robot solutions with fences and traditional programming are no longer sufficiently flexible and future-proof.

More than 90% of Sweden’s and Europe’s manufacturing industry consists of small and medium-sized companies working exclusively with small series manufacturing, resulting in uneven and low utilization of machines. They have mostly manually operated machines and therefore often suffer from low productivity and competitiveness.

They want to automate, but it has been difficult to make profit with a fixed robot when the volumes are variating, meanwhile the machines are badly utilized. When they have small series and new products continuously it will be expensive to reprogram the robot which often becomes unused anyways.

To run short series you want to run the machine manually, but unfortunately a fixed robot and fence are in the way, blocking machines.  That’s why automation rate is extremely low, far below 1%, in small series manufacturing.

The Solution

OpiFlex offers world-unique and flexible robot solutions that represent the third robot revolution. OpiFlex solves the challenge of automating high mix and low volume. They also provide benefits for high volume production with rapid integration and standardized future-proof hardware solution. Fast and easy change of factory layout and gradual up and down ramping of volume.

By simply moving the entire robot cell you can profitably automate low, uneven utilized machines and small series production. Program the robot in less than 10 minutes in order to cope with the continuously new products. OpiFlex offers a safety solution without fences so you avoid a large robot cell that is in the way, blocking machines. Safety solution meets all safety requirements.

With OpiFlex mobile robot platform, you easily move the entire robot cell with a pallet truck. When it is docked in front of the machine it is just as a fixed robot. A patented docking station ensures high precision and stability even for big robots.

Move the robot and you have full manual access to the machine.

Profitable Automation Of Small Series Manufacturing

By simply moving the entire robot cell you can profitably automate low and unevenly utilized machines and small series production. The key to automation is high flexibility. Many business owners have long wanted to automate, but it has been financially difficult with a fixed robot. Now it’s possible.

Increase Flexibility With Easy Robot Programming

With easy programming you can program the robot easily and flexibly without prior robot knowledge. The solution reduces the cost of robot programming by up to 90%, compared when done by specialists. Now, even companies with small series production and uneven utilization can automate and simply produce new products.

Increased Productivity And Competitiveness

Productivity can be increased significantly by robot automation, normally with 20-60%. The profit is achieved by the continuously and unattended working robot. Gross margin increases often with more than 16 000 € per month compared to manual service.

Bring Back Manufacturing To Your Country

China is heavily investing in automation. Automation costs as much in China as anywhere else. The large companies in our countries purchase locally if the producers are competitive. We now have a chance to be competitive and bring back production to our own country.

Use OpiFlex - Be Apart Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Become Competitive, Bring Production Home To Your Country!

> 16 000 €/month

Increased Gross Margin

When mobile automation?


Production With Small Series And In Many Variations

Allocate investment and flexibly move automation with bottlenecks in mind.

Increase Production Capacity And Retain Workforce

Productivity typically increases by 20-60% and gross margin with 16 000-21 000 € per month.

Create Stimulating Work Tasks And Remove Monotonous

Several studies show that automation will increase competitiveness and create jobs.


Increased Productivity

Increased Revenue / Time Unit

What Others Are Saying About Us Is Wonderful

We have looked at many different automation solutions, but we chose OpiFlex flexible solution. We perceive their standardized solution as simple and the most flexible. We like the combination of mobility, being able to avoid the fences and that we ourselves can re-program the robot easily at operator level and therefore implement new products with short lead time. Flexibility is important to us and our customers appreciate us for it.
Thomas Pakruhn

Partner, WM Press AB, Helsingborg, Sweden