When is OpiFlex used?

OpiFlex solves the challenge of automating the mega trend of high mix and low volume for both small-and medium-sized companies as well as large global companies.

OpiFlex flexible and movable robot cells with no fence and simple programming create completely new opportunities in all areas. Start thinking in new ways.


Små-medelstora företag


Globala Koncerner & OEM

Low and unevenly used machines

OpiFlex solves the challenge of automating machines with low or uneven utilization by easily moving the entire robot cell and share with multiple machines and stations.

Now it is usually possible to count home a flexible and movable OpiFlex solution in less than a year.

Low and unevenly utilized machines have previously been an obstacle to robotisation, as it’s not been able to get a sensible pay-off on a solid robot.

With a movable robot you can also benefit from the productivity gains that are otherwise difficult with a fixed robot

OpiFlex solves the challenge of automating the mega trend with high mix and low volume. A trend that also strikes hard against large global companies.

OpiFlex has taken simple robot programming to a new level with a patented solution. Solution means that even the Swedish government can program the robot in minutes instead of several hours of a specialist.

With many products becomes simple and fast programming and conversion critical.

Small series as well as the mega trend of high mix and low volume drives the importance of very high flexibility which many Tier1 and OEM realizes.

Small series and high mix and low volume

Flexible lines

OpiFlex solves the challenge of creating the flexibility of the liner as the mega trend high mix and low volume driver.

With OpiFlex flexible removable robot cells with no fence, it is quick to adjust the number and location of robots and the mix of people in a line so created completely new possibilities.

Most large companies have contacted us with a clear trend; To divide the liner and easily be able to adjust them to meet the rapidly increasing need for flexibility.

A major car manufacturer tells us “Why have a solid robot with fences when you can have a movable robot without a fence”.

https://www.opiflex.se/en/why-opiflexhttps://www.opiflex.se/en/applicationsOpiFlex solves the challenge of creating rapid conversion of robot cells and relocation of machines to quickly come up in high volume.

With OpiFlex flexible robot cells without fences, complete installation and integration is done on one to four shifts instead of often more than ten days for traditional robot cells.

OpiFlex robot cells are hardware standardized and we create all the flexibility with software.

By being able to replace an entire robot cell with another, in minutes, for maintenance or in the event of failure, new possibilities are created when demanding high availability.

High volume and high availability

Why OpiFlex?

OpiFlex solves the challenge of automating the mega trend with high mix and low volume with flexible robot cells and drives the third robot revolution to completely new possibilities.


OpiFlex's flexible solution and simple programming can be used for most applications in all industries and provides benefits for both small and medium-sized companies, Tier1 and global groups.


OpiFlex is a very cost-effective solution that is future-proof and can increase the contribution margin more than ordinary robot solutions.