Easy Programming


Reprogram The Robot In Only Ten Minutes!

The unique wizard allows anyone to modify and add new products in only ten minutes with no previous programming experience. Skip waiting for expensive specialists who do it in 2-3 hours.


Folllow Easy Instructions And Teach The Robot Small Motions

The operator only teaches how details are grasped and placed in the machine by guiding (jogging) the robot in small motion paths. The robot already knows most safe paths. Flexibly choose your next step, such as what station or machine to go to, and how many sequences. The operator is in full control of the next step.


Flexible Solution For Every Robot Application

OpiFlex unique simple programming solution is flexible and follow the operator’s preferences and automatically generates robot code needed as you go. OpiFlex takes the robot programming to a new level with full flexibility without prerequisites.


Easily Produce New Products

With simple programming you increase flexibility and can easily produce new products fast.

Successfully Automate Small Series Manufacturing

The costs of reprogramming gets significantly reduced. This allows the profitable series size to be reduced by over 90%

Create Stimulating Work Tasks

Let the operator himself program the robot and easily create stimulating work tasks.

This Is How It Works!

The Robot Knows

  • Machines/workstations in the cell
  • Communication with machines
  • The attributes of different machines/workstations and where they are
  • Safe paths between different parts of the cell (Orange paths)

The Operator Programs The Robot By

  • Following the simple instructions in the dynamic wizard
  • Flexibly determine the order in which the machines and stations should be visited,
    and in how many sequences.

Operator Programs Only In Small Zones

  • Show small movements by jogging robot in the (blue zones) only, for example. How details are picked or placed in the machine.

The Operator Needs

  • No knowledge of robot programming
  • To be able to control (jog) a robot with a joystick

Complement Easy Programming With Fenceless Safety