Payment solutions

Buy, lease or rent industrial robots

We offer flexible payment solutions for our industrial robots and robot solutions. Buy, lease or rent the industrial robot as well as our automation solutions and pay when you use it with “pay per use”. You get more flexibility and can take costs directly in projects or as an operational expense, much like bringing in extra staff when needed. That is why you do not have to make large investments.

OpiFlex offers very cost-effective and flexible robot solutions compared to traditional robot solutions from the very first cell. If you take advantage of the productivity increase and share the robot, it will be even better. “Why choose a fixed robot with a fence, when you can get a removable without a fence?” – says global robot manager at a large OEM.


Pay-off < 1 year

OpiFlex flexible mobile robot cells and robot solutions are cost-effective, resulting in a normal pay-off of less than a year for an industrial robot from OpiFlex. Even with the first cell, it is the same price level as a traditional fixed robot cell with a fence, but with the next cell, the OpiFlex robot cell is much cheaper because the robot is shared with several robot cells.

With a mobile robot, you create a future-proof robot solution, so you can easily build on your investment directly or further ahead.


Flexible payment solutions for an industrial robot

Without large investments

There is a great need for flexible automation and robot solutions. This is to meet the great need for flexibility required by small series production as well as the mega trend "high mix and low volume". To meet the stronger need for flexibility, we offer completely new opportunities for flexibility through our sister company Rent a Robot, both in terms of business and payment models. Buy, lease, or rent industrial robots.

Gain more flexibility and take costs directly in projects or as an operational expense, much like bringing in extra staff when needed. You do not have to make large investments!

Advantages of OpiFlex flexible solutions

With a flexible robot, your contribution margin increases by

0.8-1.2 million SEK / shift

One of the great advantages of a removable robot is that you can take full advantage of the increased productivity, normally increasing by 20-60%, and the contribution margin by moving the robot to a new machine instead of the robot standing still due to lack of volume in a certain machine. This means that you can often remove the staff cost for about 1.2-1.5 people per shift instead of normally just one person with a fixed robot. The gross margin can thus increase by approximately SEK 0.8 – 1.2 million per shift robot coating with a mobile robot. We have developed a production economics model that Chalmers has verified, where we can use your own figures to estimate the effects for you.

Why OpiFlex?

OpiFlex solves the challenge of automating the mega trend with high mix and low volume with flexible robot cells and drives the third robot revolution towards completely new possibilities.


OpiFlex flexible solution and easy programming can be used for most applications in all industries and provides benefits for both small and medium-sized companies, Tier1 and global groups.


OpiFlex is a very cost-effective solution that is future-proof and can increase the gross margin more than ordinary robot solutions.