Fenceless Safety


Combination Of Smart Laser Scanners Instead Of Fences

Safety certified laser scanners are dynamically placed on the robot platform for each cell. A large area around the entire robot cell is monitored by a control system that meets the requirements of EN ISO 10218-2 Pld category 3 structure.


Move Freely Around The Robot Cell

When a human or an unknown subject approaches the robot it alerts, slows down and adapt its movements. This means you can get close to the robot without it having to stop.


Follows EU Robot Safety Regulations

Following EU regulations: machinery directive 2006/42/EC


Create Small and Space Efficient Cells

Now it is possible to fit robot cells in cramped workshops without major and expensive relocations of machines.

No Blocking Of Machines

No fences that blocks the machines, which provides free manual access if desired.

Share Safety With Multiple Cells

No need for fences, instead easily carry the entire safety solution. Therefore freedom is obtained with a cost effective solution.

Why Block Robot And Machines With Fences?