System integrators

System integrators are important!

We need systems integrators to integrate our products with customers!

OpiFlex focus on product development of flexible solutions to help and facilitate for system integrators and end users. We are not a systems integrator.

Therefore, the contact and cooperation between us, OpiFlex and system integrators, are very important. We like openness and to create a win-win siutation for all parties.


Advantages of OpiFlex cooperation?

  • More Customers! OpiFlex opens up completely new markets where it has previously been difficult to invest in a robot. It is now possible to automate low utilized equipment and small series production.
  • Faster and easier to integrate with our simple programming! 
  • Easier to install! Our flexible standard solutions without fence makes the installation faster.

Join the OpiFlex official programme for integrators!

OpiFlex Official Integrator™ is a global network of systems integrators across all industries, large and small, from all parts of the world.

We’re continuously for system integrators, in all sizes and industries, for a long-term cooperation.

As OpiFlex Official Integrator ™, you will enjoy:

  • Offers and preferential rates
  • Leads and inquiries about customer installations
  • Training and licensing of OpiFlex products to be able to take advantage of a new automation segments within the industry
  • The latest information on products and technologies from OpiFlex

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Reach new markets and customers!