Mobile Robot Platform


Mobile Robot Cell To Use With Multiple Machines

OpiFlex let’s you move the entire robot cell to the machine that, in the moment, is in need of automation. The platform carries all the expensive subsystem, such as safety, robotic arm, robot control systems as well as tool changer.

World Unique And Patented Docking Station

Now, with OpiFlex flexible solution even companies with small series manufacturing and uneven utilization can get sharp increase in gross margin and competitiveness, which automation gives.

Precision And Stability For Both Small And Large Robots

OpiFlex manages as of now robots up to 60 kg and 2.55 m reach. All with full performance.


Increase Productivity And Efficiency

Reduce downtime of machines and utilize them throughout the whole day.

Increase Gross Margin & Competitiviness

With better utilized machines results in an increase of gross margin and competitiveness. With OpiFlex mobile platform, even companies with small series manufacturing and uneven utilization can increase revenue with a robot.


Increase Flexibility

By moving robot cell between different machines, the machines can either be served automatically similar to a fixed robot, or manually when the platform is moved away. Flexibility is increased.


Transportation of robot platform can be manually using a standard pallet truck or automatically using a AGV pallet truck.

The platform is based on conventional manufacturing technology, which delivers a robust solution.

* At maximum range the loading capacity is slightly lower, see specifications from component supplier

Get Even More Benefits with Easy Programming