ELMIA Automation 10-13 may: OpiFlex shows the mobile robot with security solution without fences and simplified robot programming

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OpiFlex won in april 2015, the European Commission’s major innovation prize “Business Innovation Observatory Award” for its mobile robot platform. By simply moving the entire robot cell you can profitably automate low and irregularly used machines and small series production. The EU Commission says: “OpiFlex solves a key challenge for Europe’s manufacturing industry”.

OpiFlex has now taken the next step and developed a safety solution without fences and a simplified robot programming that they together with the mobile robot will show at ELMIA Automation on 10-13 may, booth D05:66.

“Our customers say we solve their automation challenges and that our solutions are thoughtful and flexible. For us, it is important to create a total solution for flexible automation with mobile robotics without fences and simplified programming. The orders we receive is a glorious confirmation.”, says Johan Frisk, President of OpiFlex.

Please come by our stand D05:66 on ELIMA Automation, invitation via the link for ticket.

Great flexibility is the key to automate, to quickly set about and simply bring in new products for yourself is important. Many business owners have long wanted to automate, but it has been difficult with a fixed robot. With OpiFlex flexible solution can now even companies with small series production and uneven coating benefit from the sharp increase in gross margin and competitiveness that automation brings.

WM Press AB in Helsingborg, which specializes in sheet metal forming, have invested in OpiFlex mobile platform, safety solution without fences and simplified programming to serve the three AP&T pressure. Thomas Pakruhn, partner of WM Press in Helsingborg says: “we have looked at many different automation solutions, but we chose OpiFlex flexible solution. We understand their standard solution as simple and most flexible. We like the combination of mobility, avoidance of fences and that we ourselves can re-program the robot easily at operator level and thus implement new articles with short lead time. Flexibility is important to us and our customers appreciate us for it.” Thomas continues and says “WM Press business concept is based on being innovative in an environment of constant change. We face the challenge of smaller series and it requires more flexible solutions for applying automation. Today we have some fixed installations, but see the importance of being able to impose this on flexible way on shorter series also to increase our competitiveness. ”

“We are very pleased that WM Press chose OpiFlex concept to meet their needs for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.”, says Johan Frisk, President OpiFlex.” WM Press has a clear strategy, is very forward and would offer maximum cost efficiency resulting in new customers and substantial expansion. That we may help to take the next step in their ambitions by maximum cost efficiency is very exciting. In the long term, we want to work closely with our customers to always remain at the forefront with new innovative solutions. WM Press will be a good partner for it, ” says John on.

With OpiFlex simplified robot programming, the operator can program the robot itself in 10 minutes with no previous robot knowledge, instead of 2-3 hours by an expert. The solution is a general, very flexible and works for most applications. Many companies have new products coming in may on a daily basis. Then the robot programming a challenge, especially when it’s the companies often have no or limited programming knowledge.
Safety solution without fences follow the rules of robot safety in the EU regulatory framework: machinery directive 2006/42/EC, is dynamic and is included with the platform. This means that you don’t have to fence that blocks the machine and takes place. The entire safety solution set automatically at each cell.

Both the simplified robot programming and fenceless safety solution is patent pending by OpiFlex.
You can easily move the entire robot cell with a pallet truck. When the mobile robot is in docked in front of the machine is the one that a fixed robot. A patented docking station ensures high precision and stability even for big robots, currently manages the OpiFlex robots handling capacity up to 60 kg and 2.55 m range with full performance. The platform carries a standard ABB robot with standard robot controls, safety solution without fences, interface for communication, and other peripherals. We use standard industry products.

Johan continues, “Even companies from both Europe and the United States and are interested and from industries outside of the manufacturing sector. The challenges and the need for flexible automation seems to be similar across the Board.”
OpiFlex is a solution-and product supplier and is investing in a global market. OpiFlex interacts with system integrators and is partnering with ABB. “We are interested to cooperate with even more system integrators, both large and small, to help companies around in Sweden and abroad, ” says John.

China is investing heavily in automation. Automation costs as much in China as Sweden. We now have a chance to be competitive and bring back production to Sweden. Our large companies purchase locally at any time if it is competitive.
Productivity can be increased significantly by robot automation. The big gain is achieved by the automated robot cell that is constantly working, it doesn’t need breaks and it can work unattended on a subsequent shift. Robot automation usually provide an increase in productivity by about 20-60 per cent in for example different types of hardware service operations in comparison with manual service. Increase in profits per produced detail is typically 5-10 times in comparison with manual operations. In addition, you can deliver more quickly, and with high quality.

The concept allows it to be profitably even to automate small series production in Europe and create more competitive businesses. OpiFlex can eliminate repetitive and heavy tasks and create new more stimulating works in industry, where intelligence and dexterity is needed. The aim of the company is to manufacture in the European industry should be able to return.

For further information, see press release download press release here

Liknande ELMIA Automation 10-13 may: OpiFlex shows the mobile robot with security solution without fences and simplified robot programming

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Varför OpiFlex?

OpiFlex löser utmaningen att automatisera mega trenden med hög mix och låg volym med flexibla robotceller och driver den tredje robot revolutionen mot helt nya möjligheter.


OpiFlex flexibla lösning och enkla programmering kan användas till de flesta applikationer inom alla branscher och ger nytta för både små- och medelstora företag, Tier1 och globala koncerner.


OpiFlex är en mycket kostnadseffektiv lösning som är framtidssäker och kan öka täckningsbidraget mer än vanliga robotlösningar.