Today we released one of the films with OpiFlex in SICK’s global marketing campaign, see the video here. OpiFlex comes in at time 1:35-2:35

We are proud that OpiFlex mobile robot with our patented safety solution without a fence is produced by SICK as one of their four global success stories.

SICK is the world leader in machine safety products. We have a good cooperation with them and got good support. 


The new mega trends with high mix and low volumes drives the new 3rd Robot Revolution “flexible robots”. Flexible robots support both small and medium-sized businesses, Tier1 and OEMs for increased flexibility and productivity for both small series and high volume production with greater need for flexibility.

OpiFlex drives the 3rd Robots Revolution “flexible robots” with patented fenceless safety solution, patented easyrobot programming and patented docking solutions. The solution is very flexible and cost effective compared to traditional robots.


SICK’s Global Marketing video

One of two videos with OpiFlex from SICK