OpiFlex CEO Johan Frisk has been invited by the Government to participate on an official State visit to Croatia and give a presentation on Croatian-Swedish Innovation Initiative. Hosts are Oscar Stenström, State Secretary, Ministry of industry, Sweden as well as Tomislav Panenić, minister of economy, the Ministry of finance, Croatia

Johan will talk about innovation and how we through automation can create competitive manufacturing in Europe and hence jobs. The title of the presentation is: “OpiFlex – 4th industrial revolution has started the … Bring manufacturing back to Europe! “link to agenda

Other Swedish companies involved are SAAB, Ericsson, SEB and Industrifonden, see also link to participants


Innovation is the key driver behind the economic growth in both Croatia and Sweden.
In recent years, the Croatian innovation landscape attracted the attention of a number of international investors from Asia and Europe.
At the same time, Sweden known as the leading European hub for innovation.

Purpose of the Croatian-Swedish Innovation Initiative

The positive developments in the Croatian innovation is the underlying cause of Sweden’s interest to create a Croatian-Swedish platform for Exchange of best practice, which is about how to make a successful innovation landscape and how the two countries can work together to promote innovation in Croatia.

Croatian-Swedish Innovation seminar is the first step towards the creation of a common platform.

Topics in focus

How important is innovation for growth of Croatia and Sweden’s national economies?
What should an innovation ecosystem look like?
Prospects-innovation cooperation between Croatia and Sweden?