We Move Automation. Mobile Robotics for Increased Productivity.

We Move Automation

OpiFlex develops, produces and supplies a mobile robot concept. The Foundation is a mobile robot platform. The platform has a modularized structure, which means that it has a lot of flexibility to meet the new needs of applications and subsystems to be integrated in a later stage. OpiFlex carries expensive subsystem such as robot, robot controls, safety solutions, communication equipment, grippers, etc.

The platform is available in various versions; both manual and automatic movement, with different robot sizes. We use standard industrial robots with high reliability from the major robot manufacturers.

OpiFlex also provides standardized material supply systems for robotic solutions, as well as magazines, grippers, sensors and logistics solutions.

OpiFlex offers a solution with simplified programming, so that the robot can quickly and easily be reprogrammed for new products by the operator himself.

Flexible solutions for increased productivity

OpiFlex Automation AB’s business concept is to create flexible mobile solutions for small and high volume production which greatly increased customer flexibility, productivity and competitiveness.

Our passion is to solve the challenges in a very flexible and robust way.

Our solutions are innovative and cost effective.

OpiFlex delivers flexible standard components and solutions, while partnering with system integrators and robot manufacturers.

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OpiFlex Fenceless Safety – One of four success examples in SICK’s global marketing campaign

Today we released one of the films with OpiFlex in SICK's global marketing campaign, see the video here. OpiFlex comes in at time 1:35-2:35 We are proud that OpiFlex mobile robot with our patented safety solution without a fence is produced by SICK as one of their...

OpiFlex CEO panelists in large OECD Ministerial Conference

OpiFlex Ceo Johan Frisk is invited by Swedens Minister for Enterprise and Innovation Mikael Damberg as panelists together with reputable people in the main program at an OECD High-level Conference in Stockholm 17-18 november 2016. Conference in Stockholm is to bring...

OpiFlex finalist for the IERA Award

OpiFlex congratulates ABB for the victory of the DEVICE Award. OpiFlex is very honored to be in the IERA Award final among with ABB and Universal Robotics.

Fourth industrial revolution and how it can bring manufacturing back to Europe creating new jobs

OpiFlex CEO Johan Frisk was interviewed by Croatian TV about fourth industrial revolution and how it can bring manufacturing back to Europe creating new jobs. The interview was done during an official state visit by Sweden to Croatia.

OpiFlex CEO Johan Frisk, invited by the Government on an official State visit to Croatia on innovation and growth

OpiFlex CEO Johan Frisk has been invited by the Government to participate on an official State visit to Croatia and give a presentation on Croatian-Swedish Innovation Initiative. Hosts are Oscar Stenström, State Secretary, Ministry of industry, Sweden as well as...